iPhone Jailbreak Aftermath

Yesterday, I fixed a problem where my PC didn’t recognize my iPhone as a camera or a hard drive. I could still synchronize with iTunes, but wasn’t able to transfer any photos from my phone to my PC. Every time I connected my phone to the PC, there would be an error message stating that installing the device driver had failed.

I had tried all kinds of things to fix it – grasping at straws, really, since Google hadn’t turned up anything for me yet. Updated iTunes, deleted and reinstalled iTunes. I had thought that I might just copy over the device drivers from another PC, but all I had available were running XP; my PC runs Vista. There looked to be no similarities in the list of iPhone drivers across the OS’s.

Finally, I decided to see if I could download iPhone device drivers for Vista from somewhere. Searching on “digital still camera iphone vista driver”, turned up this link, which is where I found the answer.

The “libusb-win32” file was present on my PC. This blocks the PC from recognizing the iPhone as a storage device.  The fix was to go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, and then uninstalling “libusb-win32.” Once the program was uninstalled, my PC immediately detected my phone, connected via USB, installed the correct drivers, and popped open a window asking if I wanted to transfer photos to PC.

Apparently, I had installed libusb-win32 back in September. Googling to find out what the program did, showed it was involved in iRecovery and jailbreaking. Now I understood – in September I jailbroke a couple of iPhones prior to selling them on eBay. libusb-win32 must have been installed when I downloaded the jailbreak utility to my PC.